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2019 has began. Now what?

The start of the year can be a stressful time. I woke up yesterday and today feeling the pressure to start things. The people around me also seemed a bit more rushed than in the days prior. This created a feeling of tension for me which I am trying to manage better this year.  I had decided prior to the end of the year that I would try something new.  I am going to try to schedule things I need to do weekly. I know this might seem like no big deal but for me, it is! I was never able to stick to a schedule in my life so I hope that this year will be different. I am going to not think about the new restrictions that could occur but the freedom and the joy of accomplishment I will feel when things are complete.  I struggle with restrictions because I always felt my CMT created a lot of aspects of my life that were restricted. However, this past year, I learned that schedules and restrictions can create even more time. This sounded crazy to me too when I first heard it.  I am proud to say that it is true for me.  I started this toward the end of 2018 so I have a bit of rhythm going into 2019.  I would recommend you try it out. If it doesn’t work you can always go back to what works for you. I wish you all the best for the rest of the new year.  I will leave you with this quote “You gotta make it a priority to make your priorities a priority.” ― Richie Norton

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The importance of mental toughness when you have a chronic illness

Physical toughness has always been something I felt was important.  With my chronic illness, there are a lot of bumps and bruises that I endure on a daily basis. Today I would like to discuss the importance of mental toughness when battling the daily struggles of a chronic illness.  The daily stresses on top of the stresses caused by our health with a dash of the holiday season can make a typical tough day into a very stressful or even an overwhelming day.  On days like these, it is hard to make the people around you understand what you are going through.  In the past, I have called my daily struggle with chronic illness the sickness slide. My day is a constant struggle of trying to reach the top of the slide only to slide back down to different levels. This creates a tedious and sometimes repetitive pattern to try to recreate some of the successes I had in the past. Whether that success is less pain or more energy, I am always hopeful that a good day might be right around the corner as long as I have the mental toughness to keep going. However, as many of you may have experienced, chronic illness can change day by day or even hour by hour depending on your illness. Also, most people do not realize that a lot of people with chronic illnesses may have multiple illnesses. I personally have Charcot Marie Tooth, Scoliosis, IBS and Eczema, In addition, I also I have other ailments from surgeries such as hip tendinosis and localized muscle weakness and repetitive motion injuries like a strained bicep. Lastly, there could be side effects from medications, allergies and/or environmental changes like the changing of the seasons that can all affect how I feel.  Most people notice my CMT because it is the most pronounced and visible. Also, all the conditions I mentioned above are happening concurrently so I cannot just deal with them individually.  I usually address the ones that are bothering me the most for that day.  So, as we are nearing the end of the year, I hope that you and everyone around you know what kind of mental toughness it takes for you just to make it through the day.  I understand we do not do this by ourselves, some of us have support systems. I am personally very grateful for my support system.  The earnest is on us to create, maintain and build our mental toughness to hopefully improve our daily lives living with a chronic illness. I will leave you with this quote  “You can have anything you want if you are willing to give up the belief that you can’t have it.” – Robert Anthony, Positively Positive 

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Planning To Go Out With CMT – Holiday Edition

First, let me start by saying I am a fan of autumn and the holiday season but this year has been a bit more stressful than expected. I feel like every day is building on top of one another to create this mountain of stress. I am hoping to get my climbing gear and begin my climb to the summit but that has not happened yet. This was a year with a lot of surprises and as a person with CMT, I prefer a more planned approach because I need to have a plan in place for the things that could happen such as bad weather, unusally placed stairs, slippery floors and find out if the event has ADA accessibility. This is something new for me this year, I would normally just go with the flow. This worked for me most of the time but a few times I paid the price of a week of rest but at a minimum, it would cause stress that would upset my stomach and create body aches. This became progressively worse as the event continued so by the time the night ended something fun had become something that was another bad memory in my holiday past. I told myself this year will be different and I got my wish kind of because it is unlike any other holiday season before it. I find that a detailed plan helps to create a feeling of preparedness which helped my understanding of the situation and realize I had done all I could do to make the best of this occasion and it is time to trust myself and enjoy the party. I did enjoy the party even though things were not perfect and unexpected things happened like icy curbs and wet mopped floors which are not the best for someone with CMT. However, I made it through and so can you! I would just say it will take some extra planning…I never thought I would say that but it has helped me reduce my social anxiety a lot.  I wish you good luck in making the best plan for you this holiday season!  I will leave you with this quote “Plans are of little importance, but planning is essential.” ― Winston Churchill

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