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Planning To Go Out With CMT – Holiday Edition

First, let me start by saying I am a fan of autumn and the holiday season but this year has been a bit more stressful than expected. I feel like every day is building on top of one another to create this mountain of stress. I am hoping to get my climbing gear and begin my climb to the summit but that has not happened yet. This was a year with a lot of surprises and as a person with CMT, I prefer a more planned approach because I need to have a plan in place for the things that could happen such as bad weather, unusally placed stairs, slippery floors and find out if the event has ADA accessibility. This is something new for me this year, I would normally just go with the flow. This worked for me most of the time but a few times I paid the price of a week of rest but at a minimum, it would cause stress that would upset my stomach and create body aches. This became progressively worse as the event continued so by the time the night ended something fun had become something that was another bad memory in my holiday past. I told myself this year will be different and I got my wish kind of because it is unlike any other holiday season before it. I find that a detailed plan helps to create a feeling of preparedness which helped my understanding of the situation and realize I had done all I could do to make the best of this occasion and it is time to trust myself and enjoy the party. I did enjoy the party even though things were not perfect and unexpected things happened like icy curbs and wet mopped floors which are not the best for someone with CMT. However, I made it through and so can you! I would just say it will take some extra planning…I never thought I would say that but it has helped me reduce my social anxiety a lot.  I wish you good luck in making the best plan for you this holiday season!  I will leave you with this quote “Plans are of little importance, but planning is essential.” ― Winston Churchill

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