The Sickness Slide

The sickness slide is a metaphor that best describes what it feels like to be a person with Charcot Marie Tooth. I remember as a child trying to climb up the slide on the playground. I would move a few steps up the slide and I would slip and slide back to the bottom. Then, the next day I would try again and get almost to the top and my legs or hands were not strong enough to make it so I slide back down. Now as I tried over and over either I would get closer to the top or I could not even get past the first hump but I tried and slid down over and over with bruises and bumps until I had nothing left. This is similar to my daily life with Charcot Marie Tooth. I try every day to just make it through the day with a little success or no success at all but in hopes that one day I might reach the top of the slide. I don’t what is at the top of the slide because I have never made it but I know that life does not stop with my disease but it just adds more height and steepness to the slide. I won’t stop trying because even a little success is worth all the struggle and strife. I will leave you with this quote “Never, never, never give up.” ― Winston Churchill

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I am a co branch leader for the CMTA Chicago North Branch. I am a CMT Advocate trying to raise the awareness of the most common disease that no one knows about Charcot Marie Tooth Disease. I am diagnosed with CMT Type 4C which is also included Scoliosis as well.

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  1. You are right, we should always try. Your words apply to everyone as we all have unique obstacles to climb. Keep on writing and sharing your perspectives. Know you are appreciated. You are an inspiration in our difficult world.

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