The Mysteries of Chronic Illness

I had a tough week so far. I have had a brain fog, fatigue, body aches, and pain in multiple joints all week. I always wonder what is causing this sickness slide to happen. I find myself struggling to do things that I can normally do. I try to keep myself on a schedule in order to track if any variants affect my well being. However, the interesting thing about having a chronic illness is that I could do the same thing every day and end up with a completely different result.  This is extremely frustrating to me.  I believe with a chronic illness a good day is feeling the same based on your individual baseline and a great day is when you feel better than your baseline. Lately, I have been feeling like I am going backward and this is a very scary thought. My disease is degenerative and when I have a bad day I can’t help to wonder if this is my new normal. I am trying to be more positive today. I am trying to think of ways to ease some of the daily problems that occur with Charcot Marie Tooth and Scoliosis but the best medicine has been a positive outlook on life and the day. I find that even though it is hard some days to find the beauty in the little things in life, it makes the big things more palatable. I will leave you with this quote ” We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorns have roses.” ― Alphonse KarrA Tour Round My Garden

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I am a co branch leader for the CMTA Chicago North Branch. I am a CMT Advocate trying to raise the awareness of the most common disease that no one knows about Charcot Marie Tooth Disease. I am diagnosed with CMT Type 4C which is also included Scoliosis as well.

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  1. Sorry you have not been feeling your best lately. It is the time of year when many virus are circulating along with longer, darker days. Many people have been experiencing lower energy and more depression. It is a common time for elderly to die and human spirits rest in contemplation. So know you are not alone. I appreciate your blog and your effort to share your experiences. You inspire me with your talents. I believe we can choose to try living life to its fullness or give up trying and let death take our spirits. I choose the former but allow myself the moments to feel the challenge. When my spirit feels defeated I look to others and do whatever I can to create objectives to help others. My solution is to look at myself less and take action to do something (even if trivial) for someone else. You gave me your blog today. I give you my response. May your baseline climb and your spirit soar.

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