About Me

My Name is Sy Ahmed. I decided to write a blog to help raise awareness about Charcot Marie Tooth (CMT). As a person with CMT myself I hope to share my experiences living with CMT and to offer a resource for others living with this disease. CMT has many types, personally I have been diagnosed with type 4c which causes neuropathy and scoliosis. I hope you will continue to revisit the site and join me on this amazing journey. Thanks!

Disclaimer: I am a No Longer a Volunteer at the Charcot Marie Tooth Association and have no affiliation to GeneDX in any way or form. These are my personal experiences and are in no way a recommendation of any group, association, organization or a substitute for medical advice provided by a medical professional or other healthcare professional. Please discuss all or any health, insurance, medical testing or any other medical related issues or concerns with your healthcare professionals or providers. I am not a medical professional or claim to be one in this blog, the information provided is not that of a medical professional I am just writing about my personal experiences.  Please consult with your healthcare professional or providers about what is best for you and your particular diagnosis. Thank you!