Stumbling into the New Year

The last post I wrote was about not rushing into starting things for this year. This has turned out to be a very ominous post. A week after my post I started to have toe and knee pain related to my foot deformity. It turns out that I will need surgery. Now, I know what you are thinking…what a bummer but I try to be in good spirits when I receive unexpected news. As people with chronic illnesses, we understand that something little can always be a bigger issue.  I am hoping that this will lessen some of the chronic pain that occurs on a daily basis. Whatever the case, I plan to make the best of this situation and hope that I will be able to start my resolutions after I recover. I will leave you with this quote “Look ahead, because life is before you, not behind you, or else you stumble!” ― Mehmet Murat ildan

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